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SafeMarine Protocol
4 min readJul 5, 2021


As the digital world is growing at a rapid pace so is the need of people to get in their investments in the right direction so as to get gains and achieve a better living. SafeMarine is specifically developed for the community so everyone can benefit from it and make right decisions for self growth, overall growth of the community.

As for SafeMarine it is designed to go full fledged in three phases:

  • Initial Fair Launch with maximum and constant burn.
  • Exchange and Marketplace
  • Mining

As we go down further each Phase will be described in details and the benefit to the community in each phase. Some parts are easy to understand but some are a bit technical so anyone who doesnt get the clear picture can ask on the Telegram Channel about it and we would be glad to solve your queries. Coming on to SafeMarine lets us start with the:

The DeFi space has boomed a lot in recent time and there are a lot of people who are earning handsomely by Staking, Yield Farming and Liquidity Mining, by locking their token for a specific time period. With these great concept there is also a caveat, Impermanent Loss (IL). Everyone who is in to cryptocurrencies may have heard about impermanent loss which occurs due to sudden burst in price and then collapse to a point where the price goes much much lower then it should be or in short, point of no return which causes mass loss of money, only people who are benefited are the early buyers and the rest are left in thin air as to what should be done. This is where SafeMarine comes in to place with regular burns of token which keeps the price at a near to stable price which tries to minimize the loss at a steady pace and static rewards which keeps on increasing the overall asset of SafeMarine token holders to keep on increasing on each transaction.

You do not need to stake your tokens just hold them in your wallet and you will be rewarded with tokens on each transaction. This is Static reward also known as Reflection. A certain percentage of traded tokens will be distributed amongst all the holders. First the reward amount is conditional upon the volume of tokens traded. This mechanism causes to alleviate the downward sell pressure on tokens due to higher selling volume of the early adopters, Second the reflect mechanism encourages the users to hold tokens to accumulate more and more tokens on each traded volume but the percentage of reward is solely dependent on the total number of tokens the user holds in his/her wallet.

Automatic Liquidity Pool is the main mechanism which gets SafeMarine to another level token. In other words that’s the main essence of SafeMarine. It has function which benefits the token holders in two ways.

Automatic Liquidity Pool is the main mechanism which gets SafeMarine to another level token. In other words that’s the main essence of SafeMarine. It has function which benefits the token holders in two ways.

First, It extracts a certain amount of token alike from buyers and sellers and adds them to Liquidity Pool which keeps a solid price floor.

Second, this extraction of tokens acts as an resist mechanism that secures SafeMarine’s volume for token holders. As SafeMarine token LP increases, price stability reflects this function with a stable and solid price floor, thus providing a support for token holders. This in terms does not cause serious dips in the price if the whales try to shell off their token quantities in huge volumes.

Burning of token helps keep the community updated and rewarded. The system automatically burns a certain amount of tokens on each trade as well as the burns will also be handled manually when need be to stabilize the system smooth working which can be advertised as well as tracked.

To get to the exact point when the Burn Address is sent 40% of the tokens to burn it automatically becomes a holder and on each trade a certain percentage of tokens are sent to the Burn Address which is unrecoverable and not tradable at all. Its Dead!

There is no initial supply to any address whatsoever either dev or marketing or any other but the system assigns a percentage of traded volume automatically on each trade to a marketing wallet so as to compensate for the further development and promotion of SafeMarine which has an option to be switched off if required.

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SafeMarine Protocol

A frictionless yield and liquidity generation protocol A community-owned protocol that continuously rewards token holders with every transaction.